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Catalogue d'éditeurs indiens, en langues anglaises et indiennes sur l'Asie du sud vous est propos??notre librairie.
Abbott(J.) Godbole (P)Indian Saints - 2 vol.IndeCaxton Publ. 1988€61.00100014X22,5
Acharya (K.P)Lotha grammarInde-LinguistiqueCIIL€7.3216314X22
Adhikary (K.R)Concise English/Nepali DictionaryNépalUnited Graphic PrinT. 1993€9.9123411X15
Advaita Ashrana Publ.Concordance to Chandogya UpanisadIndeAdvaita Ashrana Publ.€9.9120012X17
AESAccount of the Temple of Jagannath at PuriIndeAES 1996€11.604114,5X21
AESThe Tamil Classical DictionaryInde-LinguistiqueAES€25.1530014X22
AESSanskrit-Telugu DictionaryInde-LinguistiqueAES 1994€13.8057112,5X18
AESA Grammar of the Ancient Dialect of Kannada LanguaInde-LinguistiqueAES 1984€10.3718411X18
Agarwal (C.M)Dimensions of Indian Womanhood - 3 vol.IndeShri Almora 1993€88.5035014,5X22
Agarwal (U)North India Temple SculptureIndeMunshiram 1995€44.3025022X28,5
AgniNamasté SaritriIndeTapas€27.5035529X23
Aiyangar (S.K)Some Contributions of South India to Indian CulturIndeAES€27.5042514X22
Akanuma (Ch.)A dictionary of Bhuddist Proper NamesBouthanSri Satguru Publications€33.5485014X22
Anand (L)The Modern English/Hindi DictionaryInde-LinguistiqueMonoharlal€22.11113315X22
Anand (S)The Way of LoveIndeMunshiram€19.8223714X22
Anmol PublicationsIndia - The Land of Sacred Shrines and CitiesIndeAnmol 1986€21.4044514X21,5
Annapoorna (L)Veena, Tradition in Indian MusicIndeKanishka 1996€25.1510016X24,5
AryashuraFifty Stanzas on the Spiritual TeacherBouthanTibetan Works€6.253812X18
Asher (C.B)Architecture of Mughal IndiaIndeCambridge€42.7036718,50X24
Awasthi (A)Plant Geography and Flora of RajasthanIndeDeep & deep Publ.€25.1516219X25
Bacon (T)The oriental annual: Tales, Legends and HistoricalIndeAES 1996€20.7024412X18
Bahadur (S.P)GitavaliIndeMunshiram€21.3421314,5X22
Baidya (K)Teach Yourself NepaliNépalRatna€6.8610511X17
Baker (J.G)Flora of Mauritius and the SeychellesIndeAES 1999€64.0355714X22
BalaArchaeology of PunjabIndeAgam Kala Prakashan€42.6914018X24
BalajiLearn Gujarati in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0015812X18
BalajiLearn Urdu in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0015912X18
BalajiLearn Telugu in 30 daysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0017112X18
BalajiTelugu /English dictionaryInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.3248412X18
BalajiLearn Bengali in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0015912X18
BalajiLearn Oriya in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0015012X18
BalajiLearn Punjabi in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0015812X18
BalajiLearn Marathi in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0018312X18
BalajiLearn Malayalam in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0016412X18
BalajiLearn Tamil in 30 daysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0016012X18
BalajiLearn Arabic in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0016812X18
BalajiLearn French through Tamil in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0017212X18
BalajiLearn Kannada in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0016012X18
BalajiTamil /Hindi dictionaryInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.3244712X18
BalajiLearn Hindi in 30 DaysInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.0019112X18
BalajiTamil /English dictionaryInde-LinguistiqueBalaji€7.3239212X18
Balakrishnan (DR. R)Phonology of Kodagu with VocabularyInde-LinguistiqueAnnamalai University 1976€10.3721014X22
Balasubramaniam (R)The Tradition of AdvaitaIndeMunshiram€29.2724814X22,5
Bandyopadhyay (S)The Ruins - (Khandahar) - A film by Mrinal SenIndeSeagull€7.007114X21
Banerjee (P)New Light on Central Asian Art and IconographyBouthanMunshiram€60.2217618X24
BanerjiHistorical Survey of Ancient Indian GrammarInde-LinguistiqueSharada Prakashan€23.6321914,5X22
Barbosa (D)East Africa and MalabarIndeAES 1995€23.0023314X22
Bareh (H)The Art History of MeghalayaHimalayaAgam Kala Prakashan 1991€42.8021519X24
Barnett (L.D)Antiquities of IndiaIndeAES€36.6030614X21,50
Barrow (G)Ceylon, Past and PresentSri lankaAES 1995€12.9619612X18
Barua (S)L'Art du KamasutraIndeLustre€17.009524X31
Baruah (P.N.D)Assamese Phonetic ReaderHimalayaCIIL 1992€7.0013613X20
Baruah (P.N.D)An Intensive Course in AssameseHimalayaCIIL 1996€29.10106718X24,5
Baruah (P.N.D)/Goswamy (T.K)An Intermediate Course Reader in AssameseHimalayaCIIL, Mysore€7.0012717X23
Bateman (J)Illustrated Guide to the Burried Cities of CeylonSri lankaAES 1994€9.916412X18
Beal (S)A catena of buddhist scriptures from the chineseBouthanSri Satguru Pub. 1989€27.4443014X22
Beal (S)SI-Yu-Ki Buddhist Records of the Western WorldBouthanOriental Book Reprints 1983€36.5936815X22
Beal (S)The Life of Hiuen-TsiangBouthanMunshiram€22.8721314X22
Beal (S)Buddhism in ChinaBouthanAES 1996€17.5326312X18
Beal (S)Buddhist literature in ChinaBouthanAES 1999€18.2918514X22
Beck (L.A)The Splendor of AsiaBouthanLogos Press 1994€27.4426914X22
Beck (L.A)The Legend of the BuddhaBouthanAryan 1993€22.1125314X22
Begbie & JosephA Vocabulary English Burmese,Hindustani & TamilInde-LinguistiqueAES 1996€27.4415316X24,5
Bell (C)English/Tibetan DictionaryTibetStar Publ. India€32.0098914X22
Belsare (M.B)An Etymological Gujarati/English DictionaryInde-LinguistiqueAES 1986€27.44120014X22
Bendall (C)A Journey of Literary and Archeological research iNépalAES 1991€19.609614X22
Benoist (J)…L'Inde dans les Arts de la Guadeloupe et de la MarIndeIbis rouge Editions€20.0013817X24
Bernier (R.M)Himalayan Towers (Temples and Palaces of HimachalHimalayaS. Chand€22.569518X24
Beschi (J)A Grammar of the Common Dialect of the Tamil LanguInde-LinguistiqueAES 1992€13.2614714X22
Bhadouria (G.S)Women in Indian ArtIndeAgam Kala Prakashan 1995€38.2015519X25
Bhandari (C.M)Saving AngkorCambodgeWhite Orchid€38.1115519X24
Bhandarkar (R.G)First Book of SanskritInde-LinguistiqueLow Price Publ.€10.5022414X22
Bhat (G.K.)Tragedy and Sanskrit DramaIndePopular Prakashan Bombay€10.0016014X22
Bhat (M. S.)Vedic TantrismIndeMotilal 1998€27.4442314,5X22
Bhatia (M)Intensive Course in PunjabiInde-LinguistiqueCIIL 1985€19.0643016X24,5
Bhatt (G.P.) DrAncient Indian tradition & mythology: The Agni PurIndeMotilal 1987€19.0620014,5X21
Bhattacharya (A)DimensionsIndeBagchi 1974€5.8011114X21,5
Bhattacharya (K)/Basu (A.K)Intensive Course in BengaliInde-LinguistiqueCIIL 1994€19.0663017X24
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Bhattacharya (A)Nepalese Inscriptions in Pre-newari ErasNépalAtisha Memorial Calcutta 1994€8.5410214X22
Bhattarai (K)Nepal India : Democracy in the Making of Mutual TrNépalNirala 1993€27.4431914X22
Birdwood (G.T.)Bazaar medecinesNépalAES 1999€13.2021012X16
Bodhi leavesManual of Chinese Tibetan and English WordsTibetBodhi Leaves Corp. 1990€24.3947821X14
Bose (N.K)Data on caste OrissaIndeAnthropological ...€24.4019216X25
Bowrey (T)A Geographical Account of Countries Round the BayIndeAES€29.0038514X22
Boyd (A)Guide to 14 asiatic languagesIndeAES 1999€25.1525312,5X18
Bradley-Birt ( F.B )Chota Nagpur : a little-known province of the empiIndeAES 1998€35.1031014X22
Bray (D)Brahui Language Introduction and GrammarInde-LinguistiqueAES 1986€22.8723316X24,5
Brigel (R.J)A Grammar of Tulu LanguageInde-LinguistiqueAES€14.9413914X22
Bronson (M)Assamese and English DictionaryHimalayaAES 1991€20.0060914X22
Brook (E)Land of the Snow LionTibetTibet House€11.8923814X21
Brower (B)Sherpa of KumbuNépalOxford 1991€14.4820214X22
Brown (C.P)A Grammar of the Telugu LanguageInde-LinguistiqueAES 1991€14.6436314X21,50
Brown (C.P)Telegu/english dictionnaryInde-LinguistiqueAES 1993€19.82141614X22
Brown (C.P)Dictionary Telugu/EnglishInde-LinguistiqueAES 1992€19.82140014X22
Buchanan (F)A Journey from Madras... - 3 vol.IndeAES 1988€103.70120018X24,5
Burnell (A.C)Elements of South-Indian PalaeographyIndeAES€33.6010018,50X24
Burra (N)Born to work: Child Labour in IndiaIndeOxford 1995€29.8028514X22
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Carey'sA Dictionary of the Bengali Language - 2 vol.Inde-LinguistiqueAES€74.70210018,50X24
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Carpenter ( E.)From Adam's Peak to ElephantaSri lankaAES 1999€33.5437014X22
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Chaitanya (K)KeralaIndeNBT€7.5020514X21,5
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Chakravarty (K.K)Early Buddhist Art of Bobh-GayaBouthanMunshiram 1997€25.927018X24
Chakravarty (K.K)National Identity in Indian Popular CinemaIndeOxford 1993€33.6034114X22
Chandra (D.K)The Mystery of ArtIndeMotilal€16.0016614,5X22
Chandra (V)Red Earth and Pouring RainIndeViking 1995€29.0052016X24,5
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Chattopadhayay - Dutt (P)Loops and Roots. The Conflict between Official andIndeAshish 1995€53.4065514,5X22
ChezaudLouis Rousselet et l'image de la culture de l'autrIndeGérard Monfort éditeur€38.0019013X20
Chhapgar (B.F)Common fishIndeOxford Univ. Press€6.107818X24,5
Chhapgar (B.F)Seashore Life of IndiaIndeOxford Univ. Press€6.107818X24,5
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Ghosh (G.K)Solar Energy: the Infinite SourceIndeAshish€12.2011214,5X22
Ghosh (G.K)Environment and Development-2 vol.IndeAshish€44.3032414,5X22
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